For Prosecutors

LE CenterDo any of these scenarios fit your defendant?

“Person who is above all of this and money is not an issue.”
There are those times when you feel that just a fine is going to have little effect. You look at a driving record and see a lack of respect for the rules. DWSR can cost this person a little time and require a little humble submission to sit and hear what the possible consequences of poor driving habits could bring.

“Good guy you think should have a break.”
There are times when you feel someone deserves a break, but you still want them to pay an additional penalty. DWSR is a great two-edged sword. Not only will there be an investment of time and money on the offender’s behalf, but also a chance to re-learn safe driving habits.

“Defendant has almost no money to pay a fine.”
The investment by the county (in the form of a reduced fine) to have an offender go through a class, could be a greater benefit to society that merely taking that same money as a fine.

“Defendant wants to fight this thing to the end.”
In this case, the class could be offered as a means to “Continued for Dismissal.” The state gets something where the person may well be guilty, but the case is either not as strong as you would like or not worth the effort to pursue.

“Already did a MADD panel for the first DWI/DUI.”
Even though overall penalties are increased on the subsequent DWI/DUI, most times the MADD panel is waived because they already did one. This class would be ideal as a re-education tool that costs additional time and money as a consequence for their behavior.