What is the purpose of the class? Re-educate you on driving safely and respectfully in an attempt to change your behavior. It may help you avoid a ticket or fine on your driving record, and for some, jail time.

What is the cost and how do I pay? $59.99, paid at registration by credit or debit card

Where is the class held? The class is 100% online.

How do I get additional information about DWSR? You can email Jim@DWSR.org or call 651-800-5488 during normal business hours. You must leave a message to receive a call back.

How long is the class and are there any breaks? 3 hours with one 10 minute break

Can I attend if I am less than 18 years old?  Yes, and you may be accompanied by an adult. There is no charge for the additional person.

Will it be really boring?  The class will be boring only if you choose to see it that way. This class, like driving, is about attitude as much as information. The material is delivered through PowerPoint lecture, videos, and discussion.

What will I get at the end? Knowledge that will help save your or someone else’s life, plus a Certificate of Completion for the courts.

Who is the instructor? Your instructor is Jim Thienes, who is a licensed Peace Officer and has been a licensed Minnesota Driving Instructor for 20 years.